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NEWS... Bluesmen Nasty Ned & Johnny Charles, currently putting finishing touches to Ned's newest album with Ben Elliott at Showplace Studios. The two are also playing live dates together into 2012. Check Ned's schedule at for shows and details.  ..hint, click the CD cover ---------> ---------> ---------> -------------->

Nasty Ned's finest blues yet is dedicated to brother HoneyBoy Dupree, RIP.

Some say ROOTS 52 is a throw-back to post-war Muddy and Wolf type shoutin’ blues. We don' mind that. ROOTS 52 is old-school on purpose. It’s as close to a recording from 1952 as you’ll hear made today.

Armed with reverence, expansion, abandon and chops! Nasty Ned shouts and blows his heart-out, all in one motion, all on the same takes just as he loves doing on stage.

With no artificial ingredients, Nasty Ned and producer Ben Elliott use no track stacking, over dubbing, punching or fixing of any kind… ROOTS 52 is just honest, sweat drenched, live blues performing.

ROOTS 52 comes complete with comprehensive liner notes, a personal note from Ned, artist, song and session info and photos in a four panel eco-friendly package. Produced by Ben Elliott & Nasty Ned at Showplace Studios, Dover, NJ.

1. Loney Loaded Pistol
2. Born With Plainfield Blues
3. Love Me Deep
4. Nothin' Else Can Taste That Way
5. *Can't Be Satisfied
6. *Rollin'& Tumblin'
7. *Standin'Around Cryin'
8. Money Can't Buy You
9. Mississippi Water
10. In My Soul
11. *Star Spangled Banner BONUS TRACK
12. That's All, Good Night BONUS TRACK

All Titles Published by American Showplace Music ASCAP, except*

(c) Nasty Ned, 2010 USA

Executive Producer, Stephen A. Schiff
CD cover photo (above) and one w Champ (right) by K. A. Garabo
CD Cover art & layout: Charles T. Wegman

Ned photo (below) and mouth to face (right) by James Fitzgerald


ROOTS 52 ...say what?

"A powerful recording!"
- Francis Rateau,, Collectif des Radios Blues

", heavy and true! Already in my top 10 for 2010".
- Michel Dubois, Rue D’Auteuil, CKRL-FM 89.1 Quebec City, Canada

" This CD BURNS!! "
- Tom Bingham, WCVF FM SUNY Fredonia, Fredonia, NY

...on Nasty Ned

"Something about the stage turns this guy into the best front-man I've ever seen".
- Jim Flynn, Jamo's Jams & Gigs

"Like the devil up there!"
- Sid McGinnis, CBS Orchestra

"On par with the best modern blues has to offer".
- Bob Makin, Gannett


Nasty Ned Discography / Productions
1982 "All I Do These Days" Nick Petti (Interstate Records)
1989 "Live Outback" Nasty Ned & the Famous Chili Dogs" (Zoot, unreleased.)
1990 “Hot Texas Nights” Latoya Jackson (Chylanda Land)
1991 "A Storm is Comin'" Nasty Ned & the Famous Chili Dogs (Interstate Records)
1993 "Hot Wired" Johnny Charles (Blues Cat Records)
1994 "Just Like Life" Nasty Ned & the Famous Chili Dogs (Interstate Records)
1995 “Howard Stern’s Miss New Jersey Beauty Pageant” (Pay Per View)
1997 "Garden State Blues" NJ artists compilation, (Taxim Records, Germany)
1997 "Moon Over the Trailer" KC Carey (Black Potato Records)
2002 “Good Whiskey Blues” artists compilation, (var. labels Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan)
2004 "Red Hot Blues" NJ artists compilation (United Jersey Blues Network)
2008 “American Roots Live Presents the Studio Masters, Vol 1", Nasty Ned, John Powers (American Showplace)
2008 “American Roots Live Presents the Studio Masters, Vol 2", HoneyBoy Dupree, Paris James, Plainfield Slim (American Showplace)
2009 “American Roots Live Presents the Studio Masters, Vol 3", Tommy Fuller, JR Bradfield, The Congregation, Kelly Zullo (American Showplace)
2009 “Woodstock Lane” CC Coletti (Indie)
2010 "Stratified” Johnny Charles (Blues Leaf)
2010 “ROOTS 52” Nasty Ned (American Showplace)

2010 "13 Reasons" The Congregation (American Showplace)
"Right Went Wrong, Again!" Nasty Ned (COMING on American Showplace)


Nasty Ned has played, recorded or shared the bill with:
The Chiffons
Albert King
Bobby Blue Bland
James Cotton
Delbert McClinton
Big Jack Johnson
Bobby Parker

Sandy Mack
Johnny Clyde Copeland
Lee Fink
Michael Hill
Bobby Radcliff
Jon Paris

Mikey Jr.
Tommy Fuller
Frankie Previte
Jake Walker
Gary Primmach
Brother Dave
Thelma Houston
Johnny Johnson
Michael Packer
Levon Helm
The Nighthawks
Jim Weider
Randy Ciarlante
Garth Hudson
Sid McGinnis
Jimmy Vivino
James Montgomery
Bill Sims Jr.
Robert Ross
Jim Vest
Tom Pacheco
Rob Paparozzi
Joe Tiano
Roger Earl
Holmes Brothers
Bob DelRosso
Nick Gravanites
Mark Naftalin
The Doughboys
Genya Raven
HoneyBoy Dupree
Paris James
Bo Diddly Jr.
Smokehouse Players
The Congregation
Big Nancy Swarbrick
Mose Jones

Leslie West
Johnny Childs
Harmonica Hinds
Bernie BB Brausewetter
Ron Howden
The Radiators
JR Bradfield
Todd Wolfe
Sandy Mack
Billy Hector
Chuck Lambert
Len Depiano
Dennis Gruenling
Commander Cody
Christine Martucci
Steel Mill
Joe Cerisano
Johnny Charles
Michael Krizan
Wet Willie
Ryche Chylanda
Mike Dugan
Anthony Krizan
Plainfield Slim
CC Coletti
38 Special
The Conqueroos
The Famous Chili Dogs
The Roots Rebels
American Roots Live All Stars


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